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Parents Association in Nagle-Rice PS


Welcome to Nagle Rice Primary School and we welcome you to the Parents Association, which helps the school in the further development of our children.

The following persons are the current Committee:-

Chairperson Glenda Stack Vice Chairperson: Brigeen O’Sullivan
Secretary   Gemma Hilario Ass Secretary: Sheila Heffernan
Treasurer       Catherine Dillon Ass Treasurer: Mandy Riordan

 Nagle-Rice Parents Association main fund raising events for the benefit of the school are:

a)    A Church Gate Collection in November each year

b)   Table Quiz in late January/early February

c)    Easter Raffle

d)   During the past two years we participated in collecting Lee Strand Mighty Milk Tokens, which earned the Association €600.00 in funds for the benefit of our children’s education at Nagle Rice Primary School, Milltown.

Any new ideas for fund raising would be most welcome.

The Association also watches out for events in the school and reports on documents presented by the School and Board of Management for our attention. We also inform the School Principal of any matters which come to our attention and which warrant immediate action.

We welcome all assistance and encouragement from the parents in all events concerning the further education of our children.