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255 Euro raised for Temple Street

How Trick or Treat will help in 2015

Ally – Neurology Patient
Ally, age 5 attends our Neurology ward. She is one of the children who you will directly help by hosting a Halloween party!

The funds raised from our spooky Halloween parties in 2015  will help to re-develop our Neurology ward. This is one of the largest projects that we have undertaken in recent years and this year the Trick or Treat campaign will continue to help get this project off the ground.

This re-development will have an enormous impact on our patients. Children who visit this ward are often in wheelchairs and currently they are having to wait in a small cramped waiting room, and unfortunately more often than not, the hallway.

The changes needed in this ward are vital, urgent and will be possible because of your Halloween event. Each year we hope to raise as much as possible through ‘Trick or Treat for Temple Street’ so that we can make a difference to the lives of sick children.

And this is how we helped!

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