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Co. Kerry

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We Celebrate Presentation Day

Today November 21st we celebrate ‘Presentation Day’. We remember Nano Nagle and Edmund Rice. They were the founders of the ‘Presentation Order’ of Sisters and Brothers. In Milltown it was this order that set up the boys and  girls schools known as the ‘Convent’ and ‘Monastery’ national schools. It was when these two schools joined together that our school ‘Nagle-Rice’ was formed. We recall and celebrate the wonderful work done by Nano Nagle for the poor and sick. She cared for and educated children during the Penal Law times when Catholic children were forbidden to go to school. She was known as ‘The Lady of the Lantern’. It is this guiding light that still shines through in the ethos and education of the children in our school. Today we remember all those Sisters and Brothers who contributed so much to the education of all in our community. We would like to thank Fr. Danny Broderick for his lovely prayer service with the children today. Thanks also to the Presentation Sisters for their kindness and generosity to all the children and staff.