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Nagle-Rice PS
Co. Kerry

Phone: 066 976 7625


Nagle – Rice Primary School



Up until 2006 Milltown had two primary schools which were independent of each other. We had the Presentation ‘Girls’ Primary School ‘Scoil Maria Assumpta’, and the Presentation ‘Boys’ Primary School ‘Scoil Mhuire’.
In 2006 these two primary schools amalgamated to create what is now known as ‘Nagle – Rice Primary School’, we are now a co-educational school. At present we operate as a split site school where the two original school buildings accommodate our students. Scoil Maria Assumpta accommodates the Junior Classes from Junior Infants up to and including 2nd class and Scoil Mhuire accommodates the Senior Classes from 3rd class up to and including 6th Class. Whilst we run off a split site we are very much a united school where children from both sites visit each other on occasions and unite for School Masses and events.
The name for our school is taken from the founding orders of our original two schools; Edmund Rice who founded the Presentation Brothers and Nano Nagle who founded the Presentation Sisters.

Our Founders

Edmund Rice, Presentation BrothersEdmund Rice

Nano Nagle, Presentation Sisters

Nano Nagle

Edmund Rice; On 15 August 1808 Edmund Rice and six companions dedicated themselves by vow to God’s service. The rule adopted was that of the Presentation Sisters, approved by the Pope in 1805. From then on many of the Brothers’ establishments were referred to as Presentation Monasteries, and the Brothers as Presentation Brothers. For more information on Edmund Rice and the Presentation Brothers visit

Nano Nagle; The Presentation Story spans more than two hundred and fifty years. Having set up her first schools in Cork in 1754, Nano Nagle founded her congregation on Christmas Eve 1775. Over the years many houses and schools were founded throughout Ireland and the world. For more information on Nano Nagle and the Presentation Sisters visit