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Attendance Policy


Changing social habits and patterns necessitated the updating of the schools attendance policy.  The redrafting was a collaborative school process involving staff and Board of Management, following initial drafting by a representative group.


The main factors contributing to the formulation of a revised policy can be summarised as follows;

Aims and Objectives:

The revised policy is geared towards;

Compliance with School Ethos:

This policy complements the school ethos of nurturing potential in a caring environment where the welfare of children is paramount.

Roles and Responsibilities:

All staff have an input into the implementation of the policy.  Class teachers’ record individual patterns of attendance and the school secretarial staff make returns to NEWB.  The Deputy Principal has responsibility for maintaining the Leabhair Tinreamh.

Policy Content


Individual school attendance is recorded in the Leabhair Rolla of each class and the class date is recorded in the Leabhair Tinreamh.  All children attending and data on parents are recorded in the school register.

A dated note from parents/guardians is required to cover each absence.  Parents are made aware of the requirements of the N.E.W. B particularly the bye law relating to absences of more than 20 days per school year.

School Strategies:

Traditionally, school attendance is strong in our school and has not been adversely affected by social changes.  However, staffs remain vigilant so that risk students are identified early.  Risk students can be categorised as those who miss more than 5 days in a 20 day period without an explanation from parents/guardians.  Appropriate contact takes place between the school and parents/guardians when this occurs.  A meeting between parents and the Principal may be set up if deemed necessary.  Absences of more than 20 days are automatically referred to the Education Welfare Officer.

Communication with other Schools:

Communication with Parents:

The school informs all parents of the implications of non-attendance as per the Education Welfare Act 2000.  This information is disseminated by regular school circulars.  Parents of new children are informed on enrolment.

Promoting Attendance:

The school promotes good attendance by;

National Education Welfare Board:

The Education Welfare Officer is informed if;

The NEWB is furnished with the total attendances in the school year through the Annual Report Form which is completed on-line.


The success of any Attendance policy is measured through;

Implementation/Ratification and Review:

This policy has been in operation in Nagle-Rice PS since 24.01.2012.  It will be reviewed again in 2013-14.


Education Welfare Act 2000

Section 29 Education Act

Policy Ratification

This policy was ratified by the Board of Management of Nagle-Rice PS at its meeting held on

Date; ______ 24.01.2012__________  Signed:____________________________ (George McAuliffe)__________

Chairperson, Board of Management