School Development

Digital Technologies

In our school we believe that digital technologies should be embedded in teaching, learning and assessment. Our school vision for digital technologies is for our pupils to become engaged thinkers, active learners, knowledge constructors and global citizens. Digital technology is an integral part of the teaching and learning in our school. Teachers, pupils and management are empowered to become confident, competent and reflective practitioners.

Teachers and pupils have access to digital technologies to enhance their learning experiences. Pupils engage in self-directed learning through digital technology. Our school community has the opportunity to develop collaborative and cooperative learning skills through the use of and practice of digital technologies. Pupils are facilitated to develop higher order thinking skills, through the use of effective digital technology. All classrooms have an interactive whiteboard, a laptop, a teacher iPads with internet access and a visualiser. There are two charging trolleys with 32 iPads available to all pupils on a timetabled/rota basis.

A number of SEN students use laptops or iPads to support their learning to help them access the curriculum equal to their peers.We have a school website and we use “text a parent” software to contact parents. We currently use Aladdin and Aladdin Connect to record student data, attendance, assessment results, permissions as well as collecting e-payments e.g. school tours. We use ‘Seesaw‘ together with ‘Google Classroom‘ as our learning platform. We have access to high speed broadband in school