Yellow Flag and Intercultural Student Council

We are delighted that our school has been accepted into the Yellow Flag Programme. This programme will enable the students, staff and the wider school community to learn more about their own and others’ culture, to value and celebrate the cultural diversity that is in our school and to learn more about treating people fairly.

yellow flag School Initiative

If the school can complete 8 steps, we will receive our Yellow Flag. The Yellow Flag will show everyone that we are a school that values cultural diversity. Involving parents, families and communities is one of the key steps.

Students and teachers are asked to learn more about each other’s culture. Parents have an important role to play, as they can talk to their child about their culture, heritage and history. We want every child to be proud of themselves, their community and culture.

In school we will be celebrating the cultural diversity in the school and having events for parents and families, please come along and get involved.

A Diversity Committee of students, teachers, parents and community leaders will be set up to help guide our school towards our Yellow Flag. Parents from all backgrounds are encouraged to get involved.

The Yellow Flag programme will allow us to begin to build a school culture that challenges this norm. It will show young people that the things that are different about them are valued in our school and that they are treated as equals.

The Yellow Flag programme is a learning experience for everyone involved – teachers, parents and students.

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