Curious Minds

The Discover Primary Science and Maths (DPSM) programme has been rebranded as Curious Minds. Through the Science Federation of Ireland the Curious Minds programme continues to work supporting schools to develop the innate curiosity of children through a hands-on, inquiry-based approach to STEM learning.

Curious Minds is part of Science Foundation Ireland’s Education and Public Engagement Programme, which aims to increase interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) among students, teachers and members of the public.

The programme originated as Discover Primary Science and Maths (DPSM) in 2003 with the goal of introducing primary school students to science in a practical, hands-on, enjoyable and interactive way. Since 2010 the programme has been run in conjunction with the European Space Education Resource Office (ESERO) Ireland which uses space to inspire and engage young people in science and technology in the world around them.  Year after year teachers tell us that our primary school awards are a great way of involving everyone in science in the school. We were delighted that Nagle-Rice Primary school earned the Curious Minds ‘Silver’ Award for excellence in STEM Learning. We are working towards our Gold Award this Year.

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