Catholic Ethos

Nagle-Rice Primary School is a Catholic School under the patronage of the Bishop of Kerry. The Mission Statement of our school is to commit to developing the full potential of each individual pupil in a happy and secure environment. The ‘Schedule of a Catholic School’ which is on display in the entrance hall of our school states.

Catholic primary schools, like Nagle-Rice Primary School, are inclusive schools rooted in local parish communities where they form a central part of everyday life. Committed to the development of the whole person, they hand on Christian values and a shared Irish culture to the next generation.

Parents, teachers and parishes work together in providing a child-centred education which includes preparation for the sacraments. Boards of management manage the school on behalf of the Patron, generally the Bishop of the relevant Diocese in which the school is situated.

Fr. Danny Broderick is the  Parish Priest in Milltown/Listry parish and is the Patron’s Nominee on our School’s Board of Management. Sr. Joan Crowley is the community Representative on the Board of Management.

Religious Education in the Catholic primary school has two distinct but complementary dimensions; the education dimension and the faith formation dimension.

  1. The educational dimension teaches the children the skills of spiritual, moral and religious literacy
  2. The faith-formation dimension helps form the children’s characters in the values of Jesus Christ. It nurtures and supports their faith development. They begin to experience a sense of belonging to a Faith Community. (Religious Education Curriculum)
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Pupils of different Faiths and Traditions

Our school is a welcoming, inclusive school. Children of all faiths and no faith are welcome.

  • The Admissions Policy clearly states that the school is a Catholic School
  • The Admissions Policy makes clear that we welcome diversity and inclusion
  • Parents are made aware that the Catholic ethos of our school is not confined to the religion class only, but permeates the whole school day
  • The class teacher and pupils will show interest in any pupil marking a special feast in his/her tradition while attending school
  • Children are helped to recognise that everyone, regardless of their ethnic origin, colour or faith, is created in God’s image and is precious in God’s eyes
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Our Prayer

Lord, help us to take an active part in creating in this school a faith community where all feel welcomed and cherished.

Guide us, so that we fully understand what a privilege it is to belong to this faith community which values respect, peace, justice and joy.

May our words and deeds reflect these Christian values.

Help us to support a learning environment that enables everyone to achieve their full potential and develop their natural talents.

Holy Spirit guide us as we strive to be people of faith, understanding and kindness in our school. Amen