Green Schools

At Nagle Rice Primary School we are very proud of our commitment to the An Taisce, National Green Schools initiative.

Over past years we have successfully accumulated 7 Green Schools Flag Awards for our work in the various themes which are:

For the current school year our school is working towards earning our 8th Green Flag award for the theme of Global Citizenship – Marine.

Leading the way are our pupils of the Green Schools committee. Each month the members pick a marine animal and display information, pictures and interesting information about these wonderful animals for the whole school to read and learn from. Alongside this, the committee also update our ‘Green Board’ with vital information which raises awareness among us all about the problem of plastic pollution and its terrible effect on marine animals. 

Last but not least, we have planted native trees on our school grounds to improve our biodiversity. Having completed our Halloween Scary Fish competition in which the entire school from Junior Infants to Sixth class took part, who knows what cool marine animals will appear for our next exciting activity.