In-School Management

PositionStaff Member
PrincipalAileen O’Dowd
Deputy PrincipalPatricia O’Connor
Assistant Principal 1Elaine O’Sullivan
Assistant Principal 2 (Privileged Assistant)Mary Ellen O’Connor
Assistant Principal 2Fran Flynn
Assistant Principal 2Patricia Bennett
Assistant Principal 2Verona Heffernan

Board of Management

The school is administered by the Board of Management. Its members represent the Patron, school Staff, Parents and the Local Community. The Board meets a number of times per term and reports regularly to the Parents’ Association.

The following are the members of the Board of Management:

ChairpersonMichael McCarthy
Patron’s NomineeFr. Danny Broderick
Community Representative (Treasurer)William O’Dowd
Principal of Nagle-Rice Primary School (Secretary)Aileen O’Dowd
Teacher’s RepresentativePatricia O’Connor
Parents’ RepresentativeClaire O’Connor
Parents’ RepresentativeTim Riordan
Community RepresentativeSr. Joan Crowley


Aileen O'Dowd
Aileen O’Dowd – Principal

Aileen makes sure our school is a safe and welcoming place for all. She is also a great artist.

Aoife Ní Dhubhda
Aoife Ní Dhúbhda

Aoife is a SET teacher. She helps different students in all kinds of ways. She loves fashion and colour and has a huge collection of funky earrings.

Breda O'Sullivan
Breda O’Sullivan

Breda is a Special Need Assistant (SNA).  Breda is helpful and always there on yard when we need her. Breda loves style and fashion.

Caroline Allman-O'Brien
Caroline Allman O’Brien

Caroline is the secretary in Nagle-Rice school. She is the first person you meet when you enter Nagle-Rice. She also loves singing and playing the guitar.

Catherina McCarthy
Catherina McCarthy

Catherina is a Special Need Assistant (SNA). She is always kind and helps us. Catherina has two sausage dogs (Dachshunds) named Lily and Oscar.

Ceara Devane
Ceara Devane

Ceara is a Special Need Assistant (SNA). Ceara takes care of the boys and girls in many classes. She loves all kinds of sports and is always encouraging to all to participate in every kind of activity and sport.

Ciara Curtin-Twohig
Ciara Curtin Twohig

Ciara is our Fourth Class teacher. We hope she is enjoying her time with her new baby.

Clodagh Quirke
Clodagh Quirke

Clodagh also works as a secretary in the Office. She helps ensure the smooth running of our school and has a welcoming smile to greet you

Conor O'Shea
Conor O’Shea

Conor is a Special Need Assistant (SNA). He helps us in school and also helps all the children who go to after school as well. He also enjoys football.

Danielle McCarthy
Danielle McCarthy

Danielle teaches Junior Infants. She is enjoying the recent addition to her young family.

Dara Doyle
Dara Doyle

Dara teaches Sixth Class. He enjoys soccer and playing golf. He helps train the football and soccer teams in school.

Debbie O'Sullivan
Debbie O’Sullivan

Debbie is a Special Need Assistant (SNA). Debbie keeps us safe on yard and takes care of us. Debbie has many talents but she is really good at making a Saint Brigid’s Cross.

Denis O'Mahony
Denis O’Mahony

Denis is a Special Need Assistant (SNA). He helps in organising the school teams for the Super 7’s basketball competition

Elaine Murphy
Elaine Murphy

Elaine is a Special Need Assistant (SNA). She is kind, caring and is always willing to lend a hand when needed.

Elaine O'Sullivan
Elaine O’Sullivan

Elaine teaches First Class. She loves animals and has a dog called Harvey.

Eleanor O'Donoghue
Eleanor O’Donoghue

Eleanor is a Special Need Assistant (SNA). She works hard every day and helps us all on yard. She loves walking her dog and riding her horse.

Elma O'Sullivan
Elma O’Sullivan

Elma teaches Third Class. She is a great help to Jan with our school garden. She supports Liverpool FC. She has a dog called Buddy and a cat called Daisy.

Fiona O'Connor
Fiona O’Connor

Fiona teaches Junior Infants. She works very hard and always has a smile on her face. She enjoys travelling and running.

Fran Flynn
Fran Flynn

Fran teaches Sixth Class. He prepares the pupils for their confirmation and their big move to secondary school. He enjoys walking his two dogs and loves hand feeding his garden Robin

Grainne O'Callaghan
Gráinne O’Callaghan

Gráinne teaches Senior Infants. She enjoys travelling and exploring new places.

Mags Harmon
Mags Harmon

Mags teaches PE to the younger class. She is always full of energy and full of fun. We love the day we see Mags coming.

Margaret Greene
Margaret Greene

Margaret is a SET teacher. She works with different groups throughout the school and helps them in all kinds of ways. She is really creative and always helps with our fabulous displays.

Margo O'Dowd
Margo O’Dowd

Margo is a SET teacher. She welcomed and worked hard with our Ukrainian children when they arrived in our school.

Maria Daly
Maria Daly

Maria is a SET teacher and works with different groups throughout the school. She loves fashion and travelling to new places.

Mary Ellen O'Connor
Mary Ellen O’Connor

Mary Ellen is part of our SET team. She works hard every day making sure all the boys and girls feel happy at school. She loves singing and playing the guitar.

Michael Fell
Michael Fell

Michael teaches Second Class. He prepares the boys and girls for First Holy Communion. He also loves driving tractors and playing the accordion.

Michael Sealy
Michael Sealy

Michael teaches PE to the older classes. He is so positive and always has a new sport or activity for the whole class to enjoy.

Miriam Fell
Miriam Fell

Miriam teaches Third Class. She loves music and plays the piano. She organises our music group in Nagle-Rice.

Caroline McCarthy
Múinteoir Caroline

Múinteoir Caroline teaches Senior Infants. She organises yoga and mindful classes for our younger pupils.

Neil O'Leary
Neil O’Leary

Neil teaches Fifth Class. As well as teaching he loves farming.

Patricia Bennett
Patricia Bennett

Patricia teaches Second Class. She is really creative and loves fashion and style. She enjoys music, singing and learning new songs with her class.

Patricia O'Connor
Patricia O’Connor

Patricia teaches First Class. She is also our Deputy Principal and helps Ms. O’Dowd with all the important things taking place in our school.

Patrick O'Connor
Patrick O’Connor

Patrick teaches Fifth class. He always teaches his class how to play the game ‘Four-Square’ and they love playing it on yard every break. He helps train the sporting teams in school.

Rebecca McCarthy Kent
Rebecca McCarthy Kent

Rebecca teaches pupils that come to our school from other countries. She is also a talented musician and loves playing the violin.

Rebecca O'Sullivan
Rebecca O’Sullivan

Rebecca is a Special Need Assistant (SNA). She is kind and endearing to pupils with additional needs.

Rose O'Connor
Rose O’Connor

Rose is part of our SET team. She loves all types of traditional music

Sarah Flynn
Sarah Flynn

Sarah teaches in lots of schools in our area but we love seeing her at Nagle-Rice to help us in our learning. Sarah loves travelling and visiting new places.

Shane O'Connell
Shane O’Connell

Shane teaches Fourth Class. He is the tallest teacher in our school and loves playing basketball and football. He helps out training our school teams.

Siobhán Foley
Siobhán Foley

Siobhán teaches Junior Infants. This is her first year in Nagle-Rice School. Welcome Ms. Foley. She loves cats and has a cat called Bob.

tadhg browne
Tadhg Browne

Tadhg teaches in our special class. He is from Dingle. He loves playing sports to stay fit and walking his dog Woody on the beach

Tim O'Sullivan
Tim O’Sullivan

Tim is the caretaker in our school. He loves making and fixing things. He takes care of our school building and keeps the traffic running smoothly.

Verona Heffernan
Verona Heffernan

Verona teaches in the prefab. She works with different boys and girls throughout the school and helps them in all kinds of ways. She is really good with technology so whenever we have a problem we call on her.