Our Guiding Vision

The child is at the heart of our school and so our focus is on the development of the whole child; academic, spiritual, emotional, social, moral, physical and cultural. We aim to provide each child with an academic education to the highest standard within a safe, happy and supportive environment.

Our school recognises parents as the ‘primary educators’ of their children and we aim therefore to espouse a partnership approach to education. Opportunities for open communication and collaboration are provided for in the school’s Open Door Policy, parent-teacher meetings, the Parent’s Association and the Board of Management.

Nagle-Rice Primary School is a vertical co-educational Catholic Primary School under the patronage of the Bishop of Kerry, the Most Reverend Ray Browne and in the tradition of the Presentation Order.

Our school values every human being in the school community and strives to provide a safe, nurturing, happy and holistic environment where each person can develop their potential to the full.

At the heart of our school is the child, each being special and unique. Our aim is to develop every dimension of the child, spiritual, moral, intellectual, personal, emotional, aesthetic, social, cultural and physical.

Our school recognises parents as the primary educators of their children and fully supports this role. Our school ethos values the contribution of the entire community, parents, all staff members, children, management and parish.

Our school promotes respect for all, inclusiveness, a sense of responsibility and a spirit of service and care. We strive for excellence, a love of learning, a strong sense of work balanced by a spirit of fun and enjoyment. We promote justice, the care of the disadvantaged and those with special needs and the care of the earth and all of God’s creation.

The staff work professionally together as a team, respecting the individuality of each staff member and sharing expertise in a cooperative environment.

We want our pupils to emerge as happy, balanced and confident individuals who have the strength of character to stand up for their values and beliefs and to hold true to them.

Motto: ‘Níl bua gan dua’ (Hard work pays off)